Patrick Nicholas – Photographer

I took a photography workshop with Patrick in 2011 and I cannot say enough wonderful things about his work. He is an amazing photographer and, in my opinion, art historian. You will never find a better guide or teacher in Italy!


Patrick Nicholas Photography

Patrick Nicholas has decided to show off. He organises events in cafés, spas, clubs; they are not strictly exhibitions as nothing is hung on the wall. Rather he displays his work on an easel, explaining how the Belle series has developed over the years.

He recounts anecdotes about the individual works. He invites some of his collaborators to appear with him: the make up artist Simonetta Baletti, and sculptor Giorgio Bevignani with whom he has often worked, and one or two of his models.

Here he is with Pauline who appeared in Dragon 2011. The role of the model in art is often underestimated and though she is sometimes given credit as a muse this tends to sound passive, almost ethereal.
At  Art and RunPatrick introduces his models as active participants in the development of the image. He does not work with professionals on the Belle. He chooses the…

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